About Me

I’m Pat Acklie-Roth, Dream Manager of Life Changing Coaching & Consulting. I have been serving others for 56 years as a Registered Cosmetologist, Degreed Dressmaker, Transformational Life Coach, Life Mastery Consultant, Author & Grief Recovery Specialist. Summer finds me in my sewing studio, Ortiz Originals, in Wausa, NE & Life Coaching.        Winters are spent in The Rio Grande Valley, TX, Coaching full-time.
Life coaching gave me the structure I needed to end an unhappy thirty-year marriage, design a new life I love living, & find the love of my life, John Roth. I teach you how to go from where you are, to where you want to be, & change your results, by changing your thinking with proven methods. Everything starts with a thought.
I studied with Mary Morrissey at Brave Thinking Institute, Bob Proctor at Proctor Gallagher Institute, & several others, beginning with Wayne Dyer in my 20s, constantly learning. I continue to invest in myself & my learning to be able to give more back to others.

I know grief. I’ve lived through the loss of my parents, a daughter, Angela, in a miscarriage, my son, Don, my nephew, Chris, my brother, Dale, & 9 days later, my sweet husband, John. After going through grief counseling, I contacted the Grief Recovery Institute & became a Grief Recovery Specialist. I do understand & want to help others through this heart-breaking time.

I dedicate this website to my sweet husband, John Roth, who was the love of my life. John always supported & inspired me in my reaching out to others through my coaching. He had the kindest soul I have ever known & a tender, sweet heart. He showed me what true love is about & will forever be with me in my heart. He was my partner in faith as we worshiped together &  I know we will be together again in Heaven.        All my love John.