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Life Mastery Coach

Pat Acklie-Roth

I’m Pat Acklie-Roth, Dream Manager of Life Changing Coaching & Consulting. I have been serving others for 56 years as a Registered Cosmetologist, Degreed Dressmaker, Transformational Life Coach, Life Mastery Consultant, Author & Grief Recovery Specialist. Summers finds me in my sewing studio, Ortiz Originals, in Wausa, NE & Life Coaching. Winters are spent in The Rio Grande Valley, TX, Coaching full-time.

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Pat Acklie-Roth

 Summers: P. O. Box 188, Wausa, NE 68786-0188

Winters: 301 E. Hall Acres Rd., Lot 601, Pharr, TX 78577

Tel: 936-586-0356


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